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Free download medical books??!!! - Medical Exams Forum
Free download medical books??!!!
  • valent32 October 2012

    Any web page to find free medical books?thanks,
    Im studying for the AMC 1, someone for study online?or make a skipe group?

  • rodius October 2012

    they are hard to find but everywhere. How's that for a confusing statement? :-p

    First of all, be careful when downloading that kind of stuff since hackers love to pass material as "books" when they are not. Also, dont spend too much time on a website that has lots of add on the side and bottom/top. The page might be "legit" (meaning not harmful) but the adds are from other sources and may contain malicious code that will infect your computer. If you are computer savvy, you probably already know all of this, but if not, keep reading.

    Since Windows XP, Microsoft decided to hide the file extension as defult. This means that usually if you had a powerpoint presentation called Pneumonia, you will see it in your computer as Pneumonia.ppt, hence with the ppt extension. Nowdays you only see the file as Pneumonia, nothing after the word pneumonia. You can easily choose to "show known file extensions" and have it appear the old way (Pneumonia.ppt). Why? well simply because if I do a virus called Haxor and add the fake extension .ppt, it will look like a powerpoint file and you will click on it and get infected. Viruses are always .exe files. NEVER click on an exe file unless you know exactly where it comes from. SO hackers are exploiting the hidden extensions on your computer, to make you click on files you think are powerpoint or .pdf files or .doc, etc

    Also mind the size of books. Almost any book is going to be at least 1 MB sometimes 2 or 3 MB; lately they become way bigger, 20, 30 MB, even 200 MB. The Toronto Notes is 650 MB!!! Viruses are usually very small, a few kilobytes (KB), certainly less than 1 MB.

    Add some extensions to Firefox, specially the one called NoScript. I will make it more tricky to download from websites, but it will protect you. Also an extension known as WebofTrust (WOB).

    That being said, here are some books you might find useful. I found them by just going to google and put the words: AMC pfd books

    AMC Handbook of Clinical Assessment

    once in that page go to the link taht says mediafire (very trusted website) or the rapidshare. Avoid the ifile link!! (ifile its not bad but its plaged with adds with MASSIVE buttons that say DOWNLOAD, which are NOT the file you want and will take to other not so nice websites). The trick is to know where to click.

    Here is another one, the purple AMCQ book


    I forgot filecrop.
    Go here and made searches

    You can find Murtagh's 4edition here
    (be mindful that the 5th edition is already out,since... hmm last year I think, maybe before)

    Download a program called Sumatra pdf, its free. It works for pdf's but also for .chm files, like the one from that Murtagh link. Windows can open .chm files by default but Ive found that sometimes you get a chm file and it doesnt open. I mean it does, but appears to be empty. If that happens, open it again but this time using SumatraPDF and it will work.

    Here is the Oxford Manual of Clinical Medicine, but the 7th edition. The latest is 8th

    And lastly remember that it is only legal to download this books if you own the actually printed book. You dont wanna get in trouble for downloading them or me for telling you how to do things if you are going to break the law.

    Good luck with your exam

  • dorissa October 2012

    hi rodius
    you are so knowledgeable, a helpful post

  • rodius October 2012

    Your welcome! :-p

  • rodius October 2012

    Its almost a bad advice but if you must have a peak at recalls, SCRIBID is a good place to find some. Google this: AMCQ recalls scribid

    (for example I just found this one http://www.medicalgeek.com/amc/23533-amc-mcq-recall-papers.html) It has links to mediafire, which is safe, just be mindful what you click!! The last thing you want it to deal with an infected computer when what you want/need to be doing is studying. And BTW, do not click where is says "single direct link"

    I say its a bad advice because those recalls are a mess. Its mostly to give you an idea of the questions but I wouldn't study with them. Eventually you may stumble into some goods ones, like I have over the course of looking and looking around. Its eaiser for the AMCQ, since the term ACMQ is so specific. If you put AMC, then you get thousands of useless stuff. Start with AMC if you put something else, like AMC Murtagh, but if you gonna write "recall ACM", then you get lots of rubbish, so instead use AMCQ.

    Some things are impossible to get, (or at least for me) like Llewellyn-Jones or the Tjandra Multiple Choice Questions. Try not to spend too much time with this. And start doing it way before you plan to start studying, because it will take you a while to gather all the material you want to study.

    And use the free resources available; some are great!. The Royal Children Hospital has almost the complete book on their website, the Royal Women's Hospital also has some useful stuff, though too little to cover all the topics, the Australian Immunization book is also freely available, so is the Green Book and the Red Book from the RACGP, which are for Public Health.

    Australian Prescriber is free and almost every issue has a review topic. Also NPS News, which has like 10 issues worth checking on this webpage http://www.nps.org.au/health_professionals/publications/nps_news. Short articles and some have very useful tables. All 100% Australian and highly respected and used by everyone in here.

    And of course the Australian Family Physician (http://www.racgp.org.au/afp/)

  • Doc_ November 2012

    Hello everyone,
    Dr.Jamal's blog has been updated.
    Please note-

    1)materials can now be obtained in printed format also (starting November)
    at a very nominal price.

    2)whole 2012 recalls are now available till October 2012 that is!!!

    3) John Murtagh -5th edition is also available!!

    For more information, follow the blog - http://amcmaterials.blogspot.com.au/
    and email - materials3800@gmail.com

  • zqtanolii January 2013

    i have uploaded all the medical mcqs data and e-books at my blog.
    if anyone needs them, download free everything from

  • valent32 January 2013

    HI rodius!!!! thanks so much!!!! any skipe group for study and questions??

  • rodius January 2013

    I think you have to either form your own group or join some other group. There are people posting frequently and forming new skype groups.

    http://forum.medicalexams.com/index.php?p=/discussion/330/amc-mcq-may-2013-skype-group/#Item_3 just to mention the latest one. Send a private message to that guy or reply on his thread. Or make a new thread proposing to start a new group.

  • ashutosh February 2013

    I recently found a new website and I have actually verified the material.it is 100% free and the files also download quickly. you can simply go to www.amcmcqmaterials.com

  • DrZahidUllahKhan February 2013

    Good work

  • Widi February 2013

    Hi dr zahid can u plz send me 2012 recalls on my email,i will b thankful to u .my email wardasim@gmail.com

  • sabia February 2013

    hello i will agree to dr zahaid i actually found some usefull material from there

  • sabia February 2013

    sorry i will verify post by ashutosh

  • Loveleen February 2014

    can you send me mcqsrecalls 2013 at lloveleen81@gmail.com

  • Mohajer February 2014

    I'm looking for 2013 recalls, could anybody send me, please inform by this mail: panahi.delshad@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance

  • Ramzan2570 September 2015

    I made a website/Blog where I uploaded all PDF Books that are mostly studied in our set-up....Rare and valuable series...ad-free site..just to help Doctors and medical students
    Plz visit website to download any Medical book free... ..more books being added daily.
    LINK : http://bestmedicalbook.blogspot.com/

    For latest updates u can join my Fb group

  • dayyal April 5

    Want to download Medical Books for free? More than 50000 medical books (free download). Visit The Medical Library - www.bioscience.pk


    Happy reading guys, and I hope I helped you out :)

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