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2012 AMC EXAM MATERIAL/GROUP - Medical Exams Forum
  • Hey guys, I'm trying to prepare for the AMC Exam to sit sometime this year and I'm looking for anyone who is also sitting for the exam too study over the net or in Melbourne. I finished my MD at Kabul Medical University and am now currently residing in Melbourne, wishing to undergo the AMC examination. Anyone interested in studying with me please contact me at qr_haseeb@hotmail.com

    Also, does anyone have updated versions of the practise material? or if there is anyone who has already done the exam by now can you please give us an insight or any advice on how to go about preparing for part 1 of the exam.

    It will be much appreciated!

  • Egbe July 2012

    Hi Haseeb, My email address is egbeeweka@yahoo.com. Please contact me as I am planning to write the September exam. I live in Perth

  • Gelareh July 2012

    Hi there, I'm preparing for the November exam. I studied Murtagh's General Practice and Handbook of MCQ. But these seem not to be enough for passing the exam. Could anyone please share any other useful reference?
    Thanks alot,
    my email is g.asadzadeh@gmail.com

  • NZdoctor July 2012

    Hi Gelareh, many people say that they passed their exam with john murtagh and the AMC books ..but if u think there are nt enought ..then you can study past recall papers and get VMPF bridging notes. apart from that, some people study oxford books...esp for internal medicine. But practicing MCQ's is a very important factor . U can read other posts here and will probably get an idea how to go about it.

    Gud luck!

  • lekha July 2012

    viraj july 18
    Hi there,I am living in Hervey bay in Queensland now and Iam preparing for amc part 1 end of this year. Please let me know any body has got used study material for sale.
    my email is viraj45@hotmail.co.uk

  • g_ngb July 2012

    hi guys
    I have recently passed. I did the RACGP bridging course and even though very $$ it was worth it. I suggest you study with australian material ONLY - the book John Murtagh's General Practice is best as well as google guidlines (eg heart foundation).
    I am selling AMC Handbook of multiple choice questions for $150 as well as AMC Anthology of Medical Conditions for $150 - pick up in Sydney or postage (additional fee)
    Good luck, g_ngb@hotmail.com

  • MehwishN July 2012

    Hi everyone,
    I am from Pakistan currently in sydney. I am planning to sit my mcq exams in november. But i cannot decide what books to refer. whether only murtagh's or all of them as time is less and plus i do not know how to totally prepare for the exam. Kindly anyone guide me.
    Thank you

  • doc_isa July 2012

    hi! i am currently in brisbane and i have ebooks for the essential books including amc books and recalls. it will save you heaps of money than buying the hard copy. pls pm me if you are interested.


  • amcmcq August 2012


  • drpatel August 2012

    hi ...anyone interested to share materials for amc mcq ....including bridging course material...mail me on anandmahendrapatel@gmail.com.

  • Doc August 2012

    If anyone is interested to have the latest AMC exam recalls plus study materials, please visit the blog of Dr.Ishfaq Jamal. You will find the best materials at the cheapest price.
    search google with- Ishfaq Jamal+amc materials.

  • Doc September 2012

    If you want latest amc mcq recalls and study materials, please search google with Ishfaq Jamal+amc materials.

  • shally September 2012

    hi..em planing to give amc mcq exam in feb 2013.i belong to india em planing to join vmpf in october.wat do you suggest shud i join it r nt?is it worth spending so mch ovr the course.

  • rodius September 2012

    I did the course in 2010.

    My first advice would be to be careful with whatever anyone tells you, as I tried to take it again on July (or june, cant even remember anymore) and the course structure changed dramatically.

    The course used to be based on recalls, around 90%. That's probably the reason they changed it. Now its lecture base. The interesting thing would be to hear form the people who did the June/July VMPF course and see how they did on the August exam since the August exam has been the ONLY one since they change the course.

    In the past, the pass rate of the people taking the VMPF course was amazing; according to them, something like 90%. Most of the people I took the course with passed. It was VERY intense, usually starting at 7-7:30 am and going on until 7 pm, monday to sunday. Barely time for a coffee or snacks. I have never EVER in my life done such an intensive course. If you add to that schedule the transportation to and from the place where the "lectures" happen, you would eat, bread and be VMPF during those weeks. From a certain perspective I used to think it was a bit too much, but at the same time, that intensity doesn't allow you to get distracted. Im pretty sure they will loosen that schedule, since sometimes it was a source of complains from VMPF course takers.

    I think you should call them and ask them the pass rate now that the structure has changed. I dont know if they will exagerate (lie), but if the pass rate still very high, I think you should do it. I went there on June/July to do it again, but I was asking to be let in for free, since I failed my exam when I sat on April this year (though they didnt let me and wanted me to pay again, which I couldnt afford). Still I would do it again, if I get good "FRESH" references from people who took it recently.

    Sorry for the long answr and I hope it makes any sense. Its 2am and I should really be sleeping instead of trying to do a review of my VMPF past experience :-) Hope it helps and feel free to ask anything else. Ill check back tomorrow.

  • kjmanuprasad September 2012

    Hey Shally,
    Even I am planning to take up AMC in Feb 2013. Started studying since the last two months. Do you plan to join the VMPF course? Im currently in India. Still thinking if i should join the course or continue studying here itself. What is you idea about the course? Looking forward to your reply. You can mail me at kjmanuprasad@gmail.com

    Manu Prasad K J

  • kjmanuprasad September 2012

    Hey Rodius,
    Thank you for sharing your experience. Hoping that you do well in the upcoming exam. I would like to know if you found the VMPF course useful. Do you think you would have fared better if you would have studied otherwise? Looking forward to your reply. You can mail me at kjmanuprasad@gmail.com

    Manu Prasad K J

  • Cornel September 2012

    Has anyone tried teh amc recalls offer adverised in this thread? Was it worth? Thx

  • Doc September 2012

    Dr.Jamal's materials are worth every penny....

  • rodius September 2012

    Hi Manu

    I prefer answering in here so others can use my response to form an opinion.

    Dont dwell too much on me failing the exam; I had quite special circumstances and as stupid as it sounds, I didnt follow my own advises and to be honest I did a LOT of mistakes, like staying up till 3 am the night before the exam. I was nervous and trying to memorize some stuff I thought I might forget, etc etc etc. So dont get distracted with the particulars of my case. I was a fool, so the success or failure of the VMPF bridging course shouldnt be measured on me.

    OK so now to the info you might find useful.

    Like is explained the VMPF course was re-structured and this is VERY IMPORTANT. Firstly, because the VMPF course was based on recalls. I found it amazing, even appalling that they were advertising a course with "lectures" on internal medicine, surgery etc, when mostly was recalls, recalls, recalls. And the VMPF authorities would not get involved in the recalls or provide you with the recalls. basically one guy, associatted with the VMPF, would offer for $200 a box full of past recalls. This guy and past VMPF candidates would be the ones making the recalls. So the only reason we see this amazing recalls out there, its because this guy organize it. Also (IN MY OPINION) one of the very key advantages of doing the VMPF was because the questions would repeat so much, the candidates who took the course would not only be trained as to HOW to answer the questions, but sometimes might even see the exact same question on the test.

    If you want a bit of AMCQ history: I dont know exaclty when, but I think around the year 2000 there was only like 2 versions of the AMCQ, so overseas doctors would "learn" the recalled questions and pass. Absurd in my view, because then everyone was fooling themselves. The AMCQ by doing an exam which everyone knew the questions and the doctors by thinking they were qualified to work on another country. My view is that ANY doctor, going to ANY other country than the one were he/she trained should be assessed. Sadly a test is the only way to do it. I hate it, and I hate the fact that I have to be tested, but I recognize the need to have an assessment system in place. I have to say that at least among the group of overseas doctors I did the VMPF course with, I seemed to be the only one who thinks like that. Anyway, back to the conversation (sorry, there is so much to say that I get distracted).

    Eventually the AMCQ discovered that their questions "were out". According to the VMPF authorities, who tell this same story during the course, someone contacted the AMC and told them what was going on. So they started to expand the questions and change the options (you know, the distractors, the questions steam, maybe one detail at a time, etc). But still people kept coming with new recalls and recall banks. So in 2011 they changed to a computer based test with new questions and a computer program that actually changes the next question according to how you are performing during the test.

    I guess you might have heard about the "mastery questions". These were questions YOU MUST answer correctly or you will fail the test, no matter how well you did on the rest of the questions. The mastery question was marked with an asterix/star during the test, so you could know which one was a mastery question and it usually involved life or death situations, meaning that if you failed to answer it, in real life it would probably mean that you killed your patient, ie some patient with oppressive chest pain and I decide its probably indigestion and choose to answer: "give him an antiacid and send him home" option (just to make up an example).

    The new system, would mark that topic (chest pain, or coronary disease or even pericarditis or whatever they design it to be called) and it would ask me the same topic one second time (because I answer it wrong the first time. Then if I get it wrong again, it would mark that area/topic as failed. And I think this doesnt mean that I fail the test, but just that I failed the coronary disease section (which is massively important, but I dont think they fail you for that alone). So no more mastery or asterix marked questions (something you can occasionally see on the recalls that are out there).

    So do I recommend you to do the VMPF course? hard to say. Before they changed the structure, YES, I would tell you "there is not other way to pass". Quite dramatic and wrong, since not everyone does the VMPF and still manage to pass. But it was THAT amazing for me. So let me jump to the good aspects of the VMPF:

    I said they were mostly based on recalls. But you spend 60% of the time taking notes from "lectures". The thing is that the lecture is given around the recall. For example, we would start with a question:

    1.) Adenocarcinoma of the small bowel is most commonly associated with:
    a. familial adenomatous polyposis
    b. tuberculosis of the small bowel
    c. lymphoma
    d. prolonged use of cytotoxic chemotherapy for the breast
    e. ulcerative colitis

    (the question was taken from the book called MCQ's and Short Answers, Questions for Surgery, by Joe J Tjandra and the correct answer according to the book is option a.) This question wasnt covered as such on the course, but another very similar was.

    So during the course it would depend on who was giving the lecture, but some tutors would give you the answer strait away, or ask the attendants if anyone knew the answer or develop the topic colonic carcinoma and then ask, "so what is the answer to the question?"

    In all cases the question would be used to cover KEY TOPICS in the AMC list. Now this list doesnt exist, but AMCQ takers, tutors and eventually everyone who studies and takes the test, understands that there are topics the AMC just loves, like colonic carcinoma, its screening guidelines, risk factors and clinical presentation. So this question would be used to give us a little lecture, with just key info about it. Sometimes the topics would be covered extensively, sometimes with such a mediocrity that it would make you wonder, but then again, its because the topic (apparently) wasnt important or commonly seen in AMCQ

    So again, with this particular question, topics we actually covered on the VMPF course that I did were: Ulcerative colitis, Tuberculosis (but not intestinal, just in general, and as a disease of immigrants or travel medicine) and Familial adenomatous polyposis. Lymphoma too but not as intestinal lymphoma, but Non-Hodgkin and Hodgkin lymphoma are BIG topics too. Big in the sense that they are frequently asked and there are some KEY WORDS which help you differentiate between them

    So let me jump to the KEY WORDS now. The VMPF teaches you a lot of these ones. I would think I could get this from a book, but I dont know if its because my medical education was more American-based than European-based, specially british, which makes the whole thing a tiny bit easier for Indians for example (or all the past colonies of the briton empire). I cant recall a precise example of medical KEY WORDS that are more british than american (and I am already using too much time to write this when I should be preparing for my october exam), but some descriptions of the diseases are sometimes almost funny (I mean how different some things get explained). So here are some examples:

    baby draws the leg up --> intussusception
    "massive" splenomegaly --> CML; note that CLL also has splenomegaly but for AMCQ purposes, if its "massive" its CML.
    rubbery nodes --> lymphoma

    (taking a break form this post.... man this is long. Please tell me if you feel it helps in any way, so I keep writing it). Will post the rest later.

  • Saif September 2012

    Please send me exame material and recall this my email squdoctor@hotmail.com

  • kjmanuprasad September 2012

    Hey Rodius,
    Thank you so much for taking time off and giving extensive detail about VMPF. Im very grateful for this. I wish i could join the bridging course. Could you please give me details like the following?

    baby draws the leg up --> intussusception
    "massive" splenomegaly --> CML; note that CLL also has splenomegaly but for AMCQ purposes, if its "massive" its CML.
    rubbery nodes --> lymphoma

    I am planning to give the exam in Feb 2013. You can send it over whenever you find free time and after you finish you exam. I realise that you are giving the exam shortly. Hoping that you do well. Once again thank you for all the details you shared in-spite of your time constrain. Looking forward to your reply. You can mail me at kjmanuprasad@gmail.com

    Manu Prasad K J

  • rodius September 2012

    Your welcome Manu

    Plz remind me to send you some more tips. I am actually trying to write an AMC exam book to try to make the First Aid for the USMLE version for the AMC. At least I have several tips, dunno if I would ever do any such thing like publishing but it would be a fun way to keep updated. Anyway, thanks for the good wishes and good luck to you too and feel free to ask any more questions that I didnt answer. I didnt finish my post and at the end, I think you should try to join the VMPF, though I think its outrageous how expensive it is, specially for us, traveling, living in Australia, the price of the books, the price of the course, the exam... man!! If you can make a sacrifice, do it, I think its worth. Its not just the course, its being "forced" to be in a room, everyday for 6 weeks, 10 hours, 12 hours a day, just repeating the same stuff over and over. I think at the end of the day that may be why the VMPF course is so good, because of the intensity.

  • kjmanuprasad September 2012

    Hey Rodius,
    Thanks mate for all the advice. Its very kind of you.

    Manu Prasad K J

  • shally September 2012

    hi rodius..tnx a lott for giving so mch information regarding vmpf course.i wanna ask you one more thing that what all i should study before applying for vmpf course.as i hv completed my amc hand book and will finish annoted soon and i have also read some topics from john murtaghs.but after studing all this still i am nt confident.i havent touched recalls yet.as em planing to join october course i dont think i would get enough time to study much recalls because as i have left with annoted and i want to finish it first.so wat do u suggest by studing this mch only is it valuable to join course as i want to give exam in february and wanna grab xam in one go because itz already too late since i completed my degree long time back.so wat do u say shud i join vmpf or study by my own.

  • rodius September 2012

    Ive read a couple of times your post shally and Im not sure if I understand you 100%, but here goes my answer:

    If you can or if you have decided to do the VMPF bridging course, good! I hope it still good as when I attended 2 years ago.

    Sorry I read again and I, maybe im a bit sleepy right now.
    Hmmm I dont know what to tell you. Me, I would do the course, cuz studying alone doesnt work for me. Im a loner for studying but my current circumstances make it very hard. So it depends on you shally. I find that going away and getting into the VMPF thins (or any other similar course) helps a lot. The same reason why the USMLE Kaplna courses are so good. One thing the VMPF says about this is: NEVER study alone. They say they see people who study alone usually fail. That would be true in my case. I aced their mock exams and I was always answering the quesionts (well, not always, but I felt very confident against my peers during the course, all of whom passed the exam as far as I know), and yet I let time go and couldnt actually study on my own. So if you can do the effort, go for it. I hate to refer them someone, cuz I dont agree with their prices, their whole thing of luring you into thinking you are going for lectures when in reality you are only doing recalls-based-lectures, but I think it works.

    Your question on what to study before the course is very good, crucial in my opinion. Why? well simple because the course, as I have written somewhere on this post or on this forum, is VERY INTENSE. Almost no time to study during it. I was leaving home at 6 am and returning around 8-9 pm. Barely came to browse the internet for some questions that I had from that day's lecture and then to bed.

    Anyway, what to study:
    There are several things that come to mind from the memorizing point of view, but if you are doing the exam until Feb 2013, this might be too soon to start memorizing things, but it never hurts to do it a first time (if you have 5 months left) and then just re-memorize it:

    - Developmental milestones of children (specifically from the Royal Children's Hosp. Handbook) on the 8th edition its on pp 161. The way the VMPF always put is: you are going to have at least 1 question, so this list is one sure answer.

    - Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, pp 453: occlusion of the cerebral arteries, the territories and mainly the symptoms, so if I tell you the patient has this or that symptom, you can tell me exactly which branch is occluded. Im sure you've seen questions like these on the MCQ books

    - DO NOT waste time with recalls right now as you will probably (HOPEFULLY) be doing them on the VMPF. I know this contradicts what Ive said about them re-structuring their system, but Im sure even the tutors will try to circumvent this new regulation of the VMPF and they will still use the recalls somehow, not officially or blatantly but lets face it, its what most people use, the VMPF tutors (who are IMG's like us) know this and some of them I have to admit dont know too much medicine to be "a tutor" but they know their recalls by heart. Anyway, I would wait until the course to tackle the recalls. Besides, it will take you months to answer the recalls yourself and if the VMPF give the answer is/was time wasted. If not, then I would be able to help you by then with that. I have tried to answer the recalls by myself, even though I got the answers from the VMPF, I mean sometimes I dont agree with the answer and Ive looked for the reference. It takes hard work because you have to prove that the answer from the VMPF is wrong. Just finding one answer in some USMLE material DOES NOT mean you have the right answer for the AMC (its complicated and the golden rule from the VMPF is NEVER CHANGE THE ANSWERS THEY GIVE YOU). Most of the time they are right; Ive found very little wrong answers and my point is that it has taken me months to do this. Not worth the time to be honest. So wait till the course. If not, talk to me afterwards.

    - Practice fluid replacement. How much to give to a 10% dehydrated child who weights 15 kg; an adult, etc. Which type of solution (which 90% of the time for the AMC is saline); they dont go into details about K, Na, Cl replacement, but it wouldnt hurt to do some K. Again, these questions are around on the MCQ books

    - Which brings me to the MCQ books. Great that you read them. Finish, both of them! Specially the blue one. I know the purple one is very old, but if oyu have time is silly not to do it.

    - Pictures: use the MCQ books, memorize the pics a bit, since they repeat a lot. And then the anthology of medical conditions, the same, all the pics wtith its diagnosis. If you can, do the same with Talley O'Connor's book.

    - ECG: review the basics - heart block, digoxin intox, k intox, infarct of course, which leads for which type of infarct, anterior, septal, etc. I find the AMC ECG is very basic so dont get too complicated by it. Again the MCQ books are a good guide to what will be coming on the test.

    - If you feel like reading some Murtagh, you have to read as a must, chapter 135, Thrombosis & Thromboembolism, specially pages 1319-1340, with the warfarin treatment. At least 1 or 2 questions there.

    - Also read Dizzines chapter, and make a table to compare Acoutic neuroma, Menieres, bening paroxismal positional vertigo and labyrinthitis, which is another recurrent topic on recalls. Complete the table with the info form the MCQ books and you have another topic covered.

    I guess this should be enough for a while :-)

  • shally September 2012

    hi...em really sori for dstrubng u soo mch actually u hv done this course so thats why curious to ask questions from you regarding this course.as em from india and will be spending soo mch over this course so before applying for it really wanna know evrything.as em planing to apply for october course my course will complete in december n then i will cum back to india.so do u think after that i will have enough time to revise topics so that i can give exam with full preparation in february.

  • rodius September 2012

    oops sorry shally.

    Enough time, ok so let me see. You are doing the exam in Feb but finishing in December.

    Let me first give you the opinion of the VMPF, as they are very vocal about this timing: You have plenty of time. Actually you have too much.

    Allow me to elaborate. When I was doing my course, around 8 people left 1 week before it finished, because their date was already there, YES, 1 whole week even before the course finished. And they all passed!!

    The around 90% of the remaining finished the course and took the exam 1 month after and as far as I know, cuz we kept in touch, almost everyone passed. I say almost everyone cuz I heard back from almost everyone; there were some people who I never heard back from and I am assuming either they never did the test straight away or they failed.

    According to the VMPF the more time you wait, the worst. At the end of the course you are reading to walk out the door of the VMPF and go right into your computer station to do the test.

    Im my opinion that is not so and depends who much time you invested in studying during the course, which Ive made clear, you have a lot of spare time.

    In here one very important step would be to ask the VMPF if the lectures are still being held at the Melbourne Historical Society building. Around 90% of the course happens there (not the weekends though). That means that if you manage to get a place close by, you wont have to spend 1 hour getting there and 1 hour getting back. That's 2 whole hours (AT LEAST, if not more) from a 12-10 hour day. Believe me it makes a HUGE difference. So then you might have more time to study after the course and then of course, you will be ready to take the test.

    In my case, I was coming home to a newborn baby, so it was very hard to just jump into my books/notes. So it varies according to the person. I saw that people living overseas and coming to Australia had it easier in that sense (harder in others); they were able to concentrate 100% on the course, so they were, the ones who studied after the course hours (after 7pm, 8pm, 9pm sometimes), they were ready for the test.

    So you will fall into this category.

    So according to the VMPF, and I have to agree a bit with them, you problem is: YOU HAVE TOO MUCH TIME between when the course finished to when you are actually sitting the test. Not to worry, but do a strategy.

    Already start looking for someone to study. I dont know how the skype study group works, Ive never done it, but Im guessing thats not what you need. You need to physically go somewhere and immerse yourself in VMPF course conditions. Just recalls or VMPF notes until the day of your exam. If you do it like that, nothing will stop you.

    Because while you are in Melbourne, you are the outsider not having distractions, family, friends, work, or whatever to take your attention form the studying. But once you go back home, then you fall into the Rodius category :-), which means you are back in your distractive environment and that can harm your study habits. Anyone will tell you that this tests are like training to the olimpics and you cant win a marathon unless you are preparing until the week or even day before the marathon. Im sorry for being so repetitive here, but its your weak link, when you go back home.

    In the meantime try to get ahead on the VMPF topics that you dont manage well. How to do this? buy one of those notes from the VMPF people sell. You dont have to go far. I just bought a crash pack from a guy on this forum and that includes the notes (I wanted to have the recent recalls and the notes came as an addition).

    Dont learn those notes. You'll have it once you are in the course, so dont waste time trying to make out what was what form those notes. They are good, dont get me wrong, actually its funny but they are from exactly the same course I went to. But read them like you read a newspaper, get familiar with the topics, how they are covered. Dont criticize it, just "learn" how the VMPF tutors cover the topics and when you see a topic you are weak, or dont remember or even worst, dont know anything about it, go to Murtagh and check it out in there. If not in Murtagh, read even from the Oxford Manual of Clinical Medicine or the Peds Handbook I mentioned. Get familiar with the topic if its new, or brush on the aspects you forgot. No need to memorize it yet, just do your lists of say 10-15 topics and review them in Murtagh, Peds book etc. forget about Psychiatric topics, ethics, they will be given in the VMPF and that should be enough. Concentrate on surgery, medicine, obstetrics, peds. (sadly I cant generally recommend a surgery or obstetrics book to do this, but if you must have they are the ones I mentioned, or everyone else mentions, Tjandra for surgery, Llewelyn-Jones for obs (or even Dewhurst, but I dont have it so I dont know who it is and very little info on the VMPF came from this book). Oh well now that I remember you can check the Royal's Women Hospital guidelines, those are the ones the VMPF recommends. Or show me the lists of topics you feel weak on, form the notes (I really think you should invest on buying those notes from that guy).... so get them, check them out; Im talking about 1 hour reading for the whole notes, like just skimming for the topics you need some refreshing. Then I can tell you when to read most of them.

    If you do that before the VMPF, you wont be wasting time learning anything, but rather memorizing, even during the VMPF. This is because the VMPF is SO repetitive, at the end you will find you know how to answer the recalls.

    Now the bad side of my advise would be if the VMPF has taken out ANY and ALL traces of recalls from their program and teaching resources, then I dont even know what to tell you. But I think this is highly unlikely and even if that happens, you still have that massive gap of time to do recalls (after december until feb). You can get the answers form someone (maybe email a friend here on this forum) cuz you wont have time to answer them by yourself!! That takes a lifetime if you do it properly (and even money as you need access to resources, believe, Ive been doing it for 2 years already and still get myself into a mess by double checking some answers or looking for the latest ones).

    So hope this helps and doesnt confuse you more.
    Sorry for being so long again but I hate seen short, non useful advises on this matters and Im hoping other people who might read this could benefit from all this info (though its probably a bit boring to read hehehe).

    Cheers and good luck

    Oh and if you are coming to Melbourne, look me up! (we can talk later for how to contact each other).

  • kjmanuprasad September 2012

    Hey Rodius,
    Your posts have been of great help mate. Thanks a lot.

  • shally September 2012

    hi rodius..really tnx a lott for giving such a huge information about the course and how to study for the course.most proably i will join this course and will contact you definately.lsten can you help me in searching the studio apartment there for my short stay,if itz convienient to you.the apartment shud b safe and weekly rent shud not be vry high and shud be around 150 dollars.as you stay in melbourne you must be knowing sum places for staying for short term basis.dont go out of the way but if itz possible for you then do let me know asap.nyz really tnx a lott for every bit of your information which you gave it to me...

  • shally September 2012

    hi...kjmanuprasad r u planing to apply for vmpf....??

  • rodius September 2012

    For accommodation you could look in here

    (there is a gu offering something for 200 for 2 months, oct & nov) Maybe you could find a deal like that. Here:

    The problem with helping you with accommodation is that Im kind of a moron on that topic... and I could help but I should be studying instead of posting my experiences, etc, and extending this to look for accommodation its a bit too much at the moment. Ill ask my wife but in a couple of days... hehehe she's been giving me that look "i know u are wasting time helping ppl again, GO AND GET INTO YOUR BOOKS!!" hahahaha

  • kjmanuprasad September 2012

    Hey Shally,
    Now looking back at all that Rodius has mentioned here i really want to go ahead with VMPF. It would cost me a lot to go ahead with VMPF so am having second thoughts. Also the for Sept 24 batch there are no more vacancies and have an IELTS exam on Nov17th. So im in a fix. What about you? Have you already enrolled for the class? Looking forward to your reply.

    Manu Prasad K J

  • rodius September 2012

    Sorry for cutting in here but you guys should either team together and share expenses, or post in forums and try to pair with someone else. You can even ask the VMPF they try to help but since the candidates usually dont know they dont ask until the last moment.

    When I did the course some ppl needed accommodation and they asked among us to help the fellow course takers. They mention knowing of some places where the VMPF asks for help or something; sorry I wasn't paying too much attention and that was 2 years ago, so its a bit blurry. Wouldn't hurt to ask them about it.

  • kjmanuprasad September 2012

    Hey Rodius,
    Thanks mate.

  • shally September 2012

    hi kjmanuprasad.....i am thinking to apply for october course.applications for this course is going to come out soon.if you want to apply you can think of it......you can postpone the date of ilets.when are you planing to give amc mcq exam

  • shally September 2012

    hi rodius...u know i mailed vmpf and asked from them about there changes in course.they said course pattern has changed now from recalls to lectures.35% lecture,fresh component and then mcq.so wat do u suggest now...?

  • rodius September 2012

    Hmmm I prefer answering to this "personally", so I sent you a message, be sure to check it.

  • kjmanuprasad September 2012

    Hey Shally,
    Im planning to give AMC MCQ in Feb. Ill have to talk to my folks about it and then go ahead with it. Will let you know soon. Thanks for the info.

    Manu Prasad K J

  • santosh_achwani September 2012

    hiya ppl.. intended to give the AMC MCQ exam in feb 2013.. plz help in sharing latest materials.. add on skype santosh_achwani.... or email santosh_achwani@yahoo.com or call on 9747138567.. interested ppl can contact me on mail/skype/cell number.. and ill get in touch.. i am from mumbai (India).. Thank you.... Santosh..

  • Doc September 2012

    Hi,for people who are preparing for AMC MCQ exam, there are mock test papers,recall papers (up to date), vmpf notes, racgp notes and toronto notes 2012 plus Ethics materials available at amcmaterials.blogspot.com.au
    Please have a look at it and decide for yourself.

  • shally September 2012

    hi...rodius......finally i have decided to apply for vmpf.

  • kjmanuprasad September 2012

    Hey Shally,
    Nice to hear that. When are you applying? When does you course commence? Looking forward to your reply.

    Manu Prasad K J

  • rodius September 2012

    Congrats shally!! Lets get in touch once you are here dood. I could give you some pointers for the course per se (how to take notes, how to move around, and similar ideas which would maximize your course experience). You have my email right?

    Also let me know when will you be taking it, so I can see if I could make time to help you search for some accommodation; also if its after my exam I could scan my course programme so you can get familiar with what you will be doing. Its nothing amazingly interesting but hey, its something.

  • alwaysbehappy September 2012

    Hi rodius.thanks for nice information regarding vmpf, do u knw vmpf bridging course is conducted in sydney or not? or is there any other bridging course in sydney for oct?

  • saurav September 2012

    hi rodius thank you for the wonderful information.

    I am in melbourne and have taken the date for nov 10, 2012.if anyone interested can join me in victoria university library in flinder street. my email id is drsauravshrestha@gmail.com

  • rodius September 2012

    As far as I know the VMPF its only in Melbourne. They are actually quite small in my opinion. V stands for Victoria, as in the state of Victoria, so you see, they are active only in here. Some people even came from Sydney when I was on the course, so I doubt there is anything over there; sorry.

    How about the RACGP one? Though I know very little about it to be honest, but between nothing and that....

    Hi Saurav....I might as well look you up. I'm having too much difficulty leaving home to study lately, since we have a new baby and for some weird reason we all have been sick (silly stuff here and there, but man, its really getting to us). Ill drop you an email in a few days.

  • shally September 2012

    hi rodius...... my course will be starting from 29 october..when is your exam date.

  • gilles September 2012

    hi Drs.
    Does anyone have links to find recalls. I am preparing the exam for sitting it in November 2013 in Brisbane . Thanks

  • rodius September 2012

    Hi Gilles. Since you still have time until the date of your exam, bookmark these sites:

    www.OZ4IMGs.com.au & wwww.OZ4IMGs.com.au/foro

    Its a group of IMG's who are trying to make something different (there are even australian docs involved), with info on how to come to Australia, how to study, what material etc, and even share material (even recalls) and as far as I understand they are writing their own material for the AMCQ (and later they will do the same for the Clinical), so the website will have both paid and free sources, so you can choose. I think they want to write something like a USMLE First Aid for the Australian exams. They've contacted me to help them with some of my experiences since they saw me here writing so much, so I have just a rough idea of what this site will be, but bookmark it and check it every couple of weeks, since they have no idea on when they will be going "live" with the site, though it is there, there is nothing useful yet. Or wait to see the invites on the different forums, like this one (I guess).

  • gilles September 2012

    Thanks a lot Rodius. That helps me a lot. I would like to ask 3 more questions if you mind.

    The first one is I am interestind in the kind of tips that you have done ( if you answer a mastery question wrongly, they will ask you a second time) . Do you have other information like that.

    The second one is more about the mastery questions. As now they are not marked with an asterix how can we know which questions are a mastery one?

    Finally, do you think it is worth to take the material from Dr jamal to prepare for the AMC exam or is there a catch?

    Thanks for your time and your patience

  • rodius September 2012

    Your welcome gilles.

    I have written quite a bit in here (and in other forums, look for my username is ALWAYS the same), but mostly in here, Ive written quite a bit (look among the top 10 or 8 topics, you'll find my replies easily since they are usually long). I think Ive given quite a lot of info and for someone like you is quite valuable info, since rarely someone takes so much time to write about this.

    There is no mastery question anymore, so I guess that is good news. That's the idea of asking again with a different question or phrased differently. On my test I got a question and probably I didnt get it right and like 15 or so questions later I saw it again. It was the same question, a bit differently: the order of events, the info given... like one of the distractors (A,B,C,D etc) now was mentioned on the general information about the patient, and the final question was different--> instead of whats the diagnosis, lets say they asked me whats the management.

    So if I got that wrong again, they probably marked that area a failed. That is so far how I understand the new system works.

    Dont dwell on it too much though. I think this is ALL you need to know about it. While in the past was VERY important to identify the mastery question and made sure you dedicated enough time, concentration, etc etc etc so you wont fail it. Now, all are mastery and none are mastery, but if you fail an important one (which ones are important only they know) then they will ask it again to make sure.

    It makes sense if you think about. It wouldnt be fair to consider I dont know cardio because I didnt recognize a pericarditis, but then again its not fair NOT to make sure I do know it, so in that sense I think this exam might be easier.

    Of course, I knew back then, when I saw the question "again" I had answer it wrong. But I still wanted to put the same answer (in my case was possible) and yet I knew I had answer it wrong. Be careful cuz this might make you: A. nervous, B. take a lot of precious time. Just focus and try to think of it as a new question and try to see if you understand better their point now that the same patient (question) is being written a bit differently.

    The material from Jamal.... I havent seen the whole thing (like Ive said countless times). I bought the smaller package and to be honest I didnt even downloaded the whole thing cuz I have the majority of books and stuff; I did the VMPF and he has those notes but I needed to check out something from the 2012 recalls so I bought the package and only see one recall. But the dood is for real. He gave me everything he should have and then even more. He is very friendly too. But as for the rest of the material he offers, I cant say anything about the quality, though Im sure he wont let you down and if he does let me know hehehe. I would like to know because I recommend him often in here, since it makes you nervous to send money and not know if you ever gonna hear from him again, but he delivered. In the past (back in 2000 when I was doing my USMLE) I paid some people a lot of money and never heard from them again. Not this guy though, Jamal gave me what I paid for, so I thought it was a nice advise to let people know when someone is actually a real seller.

    Let me know if you have more questions and good luck

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